Our Area Coperative Enterprise

Who we are

The cooperative has established itself in the production of maize, beans and coffee with a reputation for producing quality and affordable products in a market that is large and growing.

Cwero Cooperative Society Limited is a business Cooperative and members owned, founded in early February 2015. The Cooperative is called “ Cwero” because Cwero is in the center of Acholi land (county headquarter, where the paramount Chief was transferred from Lacekocot to Cwero and people worked from morning to sunset with the slogan Hard work. It is located 32 kilometers Gulu-Kitgum road in Ajanyi village,Pagik parish, Paicho sub county, Gulu district. It is registered with the ministry of trade Industry and Cooperatives with the registration number P.5776/RCS on 20/OCT/ 2015. It has it account with DFCU bank Gulu branch with the account no. 01091113901117. .


To create an enabling environment where members can easily have access to the different farming services (production, linkages and marketing).


Maximum utilization of resources and sustainable society


To improve their economic as well as their social status through joint action for the good of all members. However, every co-operative must accomplish this in a businesslike manner if it is to survive, grow and become sustainable.

To market and process agricultural products of members cooperatively

To make loan to members for productive purposes on the security of the agricultural produce on the security of agricultural produce

To encourage improved methods and to supply expert advice

To encourage in members a spirit of practicing thrift, mutual self-help and education

To increase quantity and improve the quality of the members animals by better rearing methods

To increase quantity and improve the quality of the members poultry products by land utilization and better farming

With a diverse produce portifolio

CWERO ACE currently trades in three core products; maize, beans and coffee. This diverse portfolio shields the ACE from losses that one single product